Find a home where your femdom expectations are met with open arms.

For many long years, people from Earth have found their way to Talithia to take up new lives as Mistress or slave.

Hear accounts from:

Alyssa – who didn’t recognise her need to dominate but learned to embrace it

steve – who was lost and lonely on Earth and became fulfilled as a Talisian slave

Mistress Honeychild aDarna – who escaped prejudice and abuse on Earth to become a celebrated artist and slavemistress on Talithia

Susan – who had to hide her desires on Earth for the sake of her career, while on Talithia she could indulge her greatest fantasy – a real manhunt!

Sonta – who was born to command and found herself falling for a slave with kink in his soul

Mayor Kusanthia – who keeps a harem of slaves and treats them with contempt

Major Prejthia – who spearheads the subtle invasion of Earth, starting with the UK

Diane – who recruits right-thinking women and trains slaves professionally and for fun

Explore the world of Talithia, the customs and practices, the costume and habits. Learn how to blend with the locals and prepare yourself for your own journey into Domination and submission.

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